When you don’t value yourself you’re going to be drawn to situationships. And you’re going to be attracting that exact thing until you’re ready to work on yourself and start healing.

But the pain has to be great enough to have what I call “fuck this shit” moment. You have to be so fed up of your circumstances that you want to change it.

Here’s the thing…

What’s real cannot be manipulated. Nor does it have to be manipulated.

You don’t need to chase him.

You don’t need any magical spell to get him to get attracted to you.

You don’t need to try and impress him.

And yet, you are scared of the depth of what the deep and connected relationship brings.

People think they want what they want because it’s glittery and shiny. It’s all about instant gratification these days, we want the things we want like yesterday without having to do the work.

Those very same people,  get scared of real emotions, real feelings — real shit. So they tend to want surface level stuff without realizing that may not be authentic to them.

And then they wonder why they are stuck in situationships.

Superficial situationships are easy, they do not threaten the subconscious.

Don’t get me wrong, these situations do serve a purpose. The people involved were a vibrational match if they cross paths.

You also have to recognize you set your own standards!

Situationships are often an (unconscious) choice — something has led you there. Your friends may have told you off; he’s no good to you, you’re only going to get hurt, they don’t want you to go through the pain.

What they don’t understand is that despite your best efforts to leave him, your mind and body are craving for his attention, for his touch.

And this is okay! You’re not anywhere where you shouldn’t be.

You’ve found yourself in the right place by being here.

You have to go through the pain to get to the pleasure.

The guy who you’re most drawn to may just be your biggest catalyst.

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, if you’re single, dating, or in a situationship; your relationship can be transformed into a deeper and connected love.

The transformation//

  • connection & compassion
  • feeling held, seen & heard
  • understanding why you’ve been scared for that deep & connected love
  • knowing why you haven’t met the man that you desire or they’ve not given you what you’ve needed — because you haven’t given yourself what you need
  • learning to put yourself first in all the ways and give yourself the compassion
  • putting yourself first
  • raising your standards
  • setting clear boundaries and abiding by them
  • knowing who you are & being authentic to yourself

which in turn will lead you to//

  • owning your desires
  • knowing what type of relationship you want
  • understanding any situation is transmutable
  • gain confidence and embodying the empowered Empress you are meant to be

And I love to serve, I love to give. Give without any expectation of having anything in return.

However, this is a little distorted too after a certain point. As much as I love the work that I do, I cannot do it for free. It does not serve me but more importantly, it does not serve you. Why? Because part of the exchange, is you starting the journey of trusting yourself. Trusting that you know what you need and you’re given what you need at the time that you need it.

Money is an energy exchange. And I will not push you to work with me. I will not push you to pay me a dime. Why? Because that’s not my decision. I trust that if the desire is strong enough, you’re resourceful in making it work. Often times the payment itself is a mask of a deeper rooted thing – it is rooted in fear, because your subconscious feels threatened to do something it hasn’t done before.

I have a few ways to work with me at different price points, for a reason! I promise you it’s not as scary once you’re doing it as you think it is.



I’m here to empower women to reclaim their power back. For them to be authentic to their needs and desires. I guide women to design their relationships in the way that suits their own needs — not what their parents want, what their friends say they should do but what they want for themselves. 

Knowing who you are, knowing what your desires are, and being authentic to yourself is what he will appreciate about you the most. Love isn’t something that moves in a way that constricts and confines us. Love moves in a way that releases us and opens us to each other’s freedom. 

And it is my life’s purpose to guide you into that freedom that deep down you desire. It’s been written in the stars for me as majority of the planets are in 7th & 8th house for me; 7th house rules partnerships, relationships, business partnerships, and contracts. 8th house rules marriage, merging of finances and transformation. It is no wonder I am here to guide women to their freedom in regards to relationships.

This is for the woman who…
⤑ feels stagnant or stuck with a lack of passion in her (love) life
⤑ lacks spark she once used to have
⤑ feels insecure about herself, lacks self-confidence
⤑ recognizes past patterns
⤑ judges herself, puts blame / shame / guilt the way she used to be
⤑ blocked sense of security and safety
⤑ inability to trust (herself, the universe, others)
⤑ unable to communicate her needs
⤑ no clear boundaries or not keeping to the self-set boundaries
⤑ high expectations of self = critical self talk
⤑ inability to show intimacy
⤑ fear and anxiety taking over the relationship
⤑ is completely coachable and willing to try new things
⤑ has an open mind
⤑ is willing to take responsibility for self

Ultimately she needs to be ready and willing to do the work. To have that inner feeling of “yes, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for” or have that curiosity there’s more than what meets the eye. She needs to know in her body that this is exactly what she’s been looking for – it’s a hell yes for her!

The work is not necessarily easy. But when she follows through with that inner nudge of taking action, she knows that she is supported throughout the journey.

You will be held in a safe space and non-judgmental environment to be able to bring the deepest, darkest emotions to the top. Understanding the client’s needs in a unique way.

This isn’t for the woman, if..
✗ she is unwilling to cooperate
✗ she is unwilling to take responsibility for herself, her thoughts, reactions & actions
✗ she is stuck in victim mentality (poor me, woe is me)
✗ she is not ready to dive deep
✗ she is not ready to do the work that is asked of her

Topics that the coaching covers (not limited to):

  • Setting boundaries
  • Communicating effectively
  • Building intimacy
  • Learning to trust so much that trust becomes a non-issue
  • Gaining confidence in self
  • Being congruent to your desires
  • Trusting your innermost sexual desires
  • Opening the relationship; ethical non-monogamy
  • Kink/fetish desires
  • Dom/sub dynamics


A high-touch and intimate coaching experience for women to redesign their relationship and achieve freedom to be their authentic selves an congruent to their needs so they can reclaim their power and embrace deep and connected love (with themselves and within partnerships)

We will transform areas such as communication, intimacy, boundaries, body image, inner trust, confidence and owning your truest desires.


3 weekly 1:1 Coaching Sessions each month
Unlimited (within business hours) Voxer Support
VIP access to all my offerings (workshops)
a personalized natal reading

The investment: €5550

Relationship Recalibration

A fast-tracked 1:1 intensive to transform and elevate one element that would bring you more freedom in your relationship, more power in your own expression or experience deeper authenticity in your intimacy, partnership and desires

Areas to focus:
communication, boundaries, intimacy, confidence, self-image, etc.

This is where we quantum leap your results!

includes //
client intake questionnaire
90 minute 1:1 session
a personalized natal chart reading + any action steps and tools for post session integration

The investment: €555

Want to learn more about the services?

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